Chapter 1445 Master's Arrival

Upon hearing Caspian's words, the members of the Xi family were still in a daze.

The next moment, they saw a black shadow shooting toward them like a shooting star. Then with a bang, it broke into flesh and blood on the light of defense array.

Large amounts of blood splashed out.

After the blood, the faces of the members of the Xi family turned extremely ugly.


This was the shame of the Xi family!

Hippos Xi's face suddenly turned livid.

But at this moment, although his teeth were chattering, he still didn't let go.

" Big Brother..." Seeing that head of the clan's Hippos Xi still didn't express his stance, the hot-tempered Zipper Xi couldn't help but urge him again.

If the other party still didn't nod, he decided that even if he violated the clan rules, he would still go out and teach that arrogant fellow a lesson.

The blood of the Xi family couldn't be shed in vain.

"Zipper!" But at this moment, Hippos Xi shouted coldly, "Don't act rashly before Master of the Crape Myr
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