Chapter 1446 This Is a Trap

Hippos Xi stared at Caspian.

At this time, the other party's speed seemed to slow down.

Hippos Xi didn't know that it was because he was too focused.

He stared at Caspian's face.

Then he saw Caspian's mouth open.

"Oh, I can't escape without spirit boat," Caspian said.

There was no problem with this sentence.

Caspian was a Holy Land Realm cultivator, so he couldn't fly by himself.

Although he was now stepping on an extremely luxurious flying magic weapon.

However, the flying magic weapon relied on spiritual Qi of the cultivator. It was not like spirit boat that could be driven by Spiritual Stones and formations.

Therefore, the flying magic weapon's flying speed and distance were far inferior to that of spirit boat.

This was the consensus of cultivator community.

Therefore, theoretically speaking, as long as spirit boat that was still suspended in the air was blown up at this time, Caspian could not escape far away even if he wanted to.

However, for some reason, Hippos Xi fe
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