Chapter 1481 An Amazing Old Man

Zoila Yellow was not an idiot.

He had seen a lot.

After all, he was Master of Heavenly Spirit Realm.

After thinking for a while, he understood what Caspian was going to do.

"Caspian, do you want to think about it again?" For a moment, Zoila Yellow stuttered. "There are many natural treasures that can be used to improve fire elemental essences. There's no need to consider the dangerous demons of the Red Willow Fire Scorpion."

"But this is right in front of us." Caspian glanced sideways at Zoila Yellow. "Don't you only want three or four? And according to reason, the Red Willow Fire Scorpion is demons of a group, and this is their nest. Even if there are not a thousand, there should be at least seven or eight hundred."

The purpose of Caspian was actually very obvious.

He needed the Red Willow Fire Scorpion to improve his fire elemental essence.

This kind of Heaven Treasure and Earth Treasure could effectively improve one's elemental property after taking it properly.

However, af
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