Chapter 1483 Too Fierce (Part I)

On ’the slope’s side, Sue White was holding her breath and her eyes were unblinking. She looked particularly nervous.

Caspian was much calmer.

More importantly, he wanted to see what special effects the other two spirit tools in Zoila Yellow's hands would have.

At this time, Zoila Yellow had quietly come under the tree.

The colorful rope seemed to be able to cover up the sound.

However, Caspian noticed that the color of the rope had changed.

Maybe it was because it had absorbed too much sulfur, the rope began to turn yellow, and the original five-colored color became much dimmer.

Zoila Yellow held the one-foot-long pipe and raised it up.

Suddenly, the pipe shone with a white light.

The light was fast and fierce.

Immediately, the Red Willow Fire Scorpions hanging on the branches began to sway.

However, at the same time, thunderous sounds came from all directions, accompanied by roars.

The voice came especially quickly.

Moreover, the friction and collision became more and mo
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