Chapter 1484 Too Fierce (Part II)

After Zoila Yellow finished explaining, he looked at Caspian eagerly and asked, "Caspian, what are you going to do?"

At this moment, Zoila Yellow was full of curiosity.

From the realm, as a Heavenly Spirit Realm Master, Zoila Yellow was so careful and had learned a lot about the habits and characteristics of the Red Willow Fire Scorpions in advance before he developed the hunting method today.

Caspian was just a whim. Although his realm was at the third level of Holy Land Realm, there was still a threshold between him and Heavenly Spirit Realm.

But the problem was that Caspian didn't seem to care at all, as if he didn't realize how dangerous it was to hunt down the Red Willow Fire Scorpions.

In addition, he seemed to have thought of killing all the Red Willow Fire Scorpions here.

At this time, Zoila Yellow was looking forward to seeing if Caspian had any special means.

After all, the other party could kill the Heavenly Spirit Realm Master. Perhaps there was some more powerful ar
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