Chapter 1485 Kill All

Night fell.

Because of the abundant water vapor and luxuriant branches and leaves, the night came earlier.

But today's Evil Mountain Forest was destined to be very different from usual.

The deeper the night went, the quieter the night became. The terrifying roars of the Red Willow Fire Scorpions were even more terrifying.

All the plants in the deep pit of the volcano had been shaken to the ground and were in a mess.

The thick sulfur smoke covered a radius of dozens of miles, and the moonlight couldn't penetrate it.

The stars all over the sky seemed to fall down from the shock.

Ever since Caspian jumped in, the Red Willow Fire Scorpions’ roar had never stopped.

Zoila Yellow and Sue White's emotions changed from panic at the beginning, despair, astonishment, amazement, and then numbness.

The deafening roar of the Red Willow Fire Scorpions was so loud that even if they leaned against each other, it would be hard for them to hear each other's words.

But after such a long time, th
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