Chapter 1486 A Different Tail

"This, this..." Zoila Yellow stammered and was stunned.

Sue White's eyes widened. She was already in a daze.

In front of them were the corpses of the Red Willow Fire Scorpions, which were piled up like a mountain.

However, these corpses were too broken.

If it wasn't for the fact that the outer shell was still preserved, one could clearly see the distinct characteristics of the feet and tail. It was really hard to tell from these piles of flesh that this was the corpse of the Red Willow Fire Scorpion.

Standing in front of the pile of corpses, Zoila Yellow and Sue White even felt that they were very tiny.

"How... how many Red Willow Fire Scorpions are there..." Zoila Yellow's breathing seemed to be out of control at this moment.

Caspian was extremely satisfied with their reactions.

In truth, killing so many Red Willow Fire Scorpions was far from as easy as it looked.

The Red Willow Fire Scorpion was demon of early-stage of wisdom. Even though it was only the size of half an adul
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