Chapter 1487 The Channel of the White family

The Red Willow Fire Scorpion was much larger than its peers.

Its tail was naturally nearly a hundred times larger than an ordinary Red Willow Fire Scorpion.

The thick tail was covered with black hair as hard as steel needles, which looked extremely ferocious.

The thickest part was that only two people could hug each other.

At this moment, even if it was dead, its body was cut open from its back. Its tail also tilted upwards, hooked an arc, and pointed forward.

And now, Zoila Yellow's gaze was focused on the tail of the Red Willow Fire Scorpion.

"Because of the variety of Red Willow Fire Scorpions, they can only be promoted to early-stage of wisdom at most. They will never be able to enter the form.

After reaching the peak of early-stage of wisdom, the way they grew again was to constantly grow bigger.

50 years was like a stool.

A hundred years was like a table.

Two hundred years was like a millstone.

Four hundred years was like a bed..."

Speaking of this, Zoila Yellow looke
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