Chapter 1488 Bull-Snake and Rat

After saying this, Zoila Yellow's eyes suddenly lit up. "Caspian, are you willing to make a deal?"

"That depends on whether the White family can satisfy me," Caspian said.

Of course, Caspian could not promise the other party now.

However, Caspian still believed that with the foundation and accumulation of the White family, there must be something good.

At that time, he would see if he could dig it out.

As for why Caspian was willing to exchange the materials, it was much simpler.

With the thirty-one treasure troves left in Valdis Goth, there was no need for him to worry about magic weapons and materials for forging artifacts.

Moreover, it was not necessary for Caspian to pursue low-level spirit tools that were made with the big frontiers.

Therefore, it would be the best choice to trade rare treasures that could improve his elemental property by using these things that he didn’t need.

As for the details of the deal, it was meaningless to talk about it here.

Caspian planned to
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