Chapter 1489 You Are Dead

Some people might find it funny if they saw such a mouse.

But at this moment, all the blood in Zoila Yellow's body was cold.

Another shaspeshsifting stage!

Although the gray mouse was small and thin, it looked ridiculous.

But this was a real big demon at the shapeshifting stage!

Zoila Yellow would feel fine if there was only one Shapeshifting stage demon.

After all, he was a Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivator, and there was Caspian who could press Heavenly Spirit Realm down.

If there were two shapeshifting stage demons, Zoila Yellow would feel some pressure.

He might need to try his best to fight, and then he or Caspian would kill his opponent first, and then help another person. He still had the confidence to win.

But now, they were three big demons at the shapeshifting stage.

Zoila Yellow looked at himself, Caspian, and then at Sue White, his eyes full of despair.

At this time, Sue White had already felt the danger.

Although her realm was low and she was not clear about the
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