Chapter 1490 Fear

These two Shapeshifting stage demons were obviously waiting.

Waiting for the results of Caspian and Grandma Shine.

Who would come back first?

It was obvious that both the demonic rat and the demonic bull were well aware of Grandma Shine's strength.

It was very likely that they also knew of Grandma Shine's sneak attack.

But today, something unexpected happened.

Judging from their expressions, they should be as shocked as Grandma Shine.

"What? This fellow is actually fine?"

"What? This guy actually fought back?"

Therefore, for a time, they did not know what kind of strength Caspian had.

So they planned to wait now.

The demonic rat and the demonic bull were not stupid.

They knew that as long as they were here, Zoila Yellow and Sue White could not escape.

"If Grandma Shine comes back in a while."

That naturally meant that Caspian had been killed.

Then everyone would be happy, and the remaining two guys would not be able to escape.

If Caspian came back in a while.

The demon
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