Chapter 1726 Suppressing Bloodline

Black Dragon's spiritual Qi was blocked, so Caspian could not let go of this flaw.

Because to some extent, this flaw and this opportunity were created by Caspian.

"Grand Sun Divine Light Sword Formation!"

After the opponent's flaw appeared, a series of overwhelming attacks arrived in front of Black Dragon in an instant.

The sword radiance of the sun struck Black Dragon's chest.

The light merged with iron and sent Black Dragon flying dozens of miles away.

Black Dragon felt as if all the veins in his body were on fire.

Every muscle and bone seemed to be soaked in boiling oil and placed on the burning charcoal.


A huge mouthful of blood sprayed out of his mouth.

At this time, the evil spirit in his body had recovered and quickly healed his injury.

His eyes were full of anger. He gnashed his teeth and a dark, mysterious, and unfathomable light flashed on his horn. "Demonic beasts are born with strong physiques, and our Flood-dragon tribe is one of them. Your magical power can
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