Chapter 1727 Three Waves of Shock

When demonic beasts met, they not only competed in strength and realm, but also in bloodline.

Those with high blood lineage, even if their realms were low, were enough to make the other party instinctively feel fear, to the extent where they could even make the other party obey their orders.

This was also the reason why a low-level divine beast could rule a group of demons.

In comparison, it was a little similar to the people in the secular world. They were born to be in awe of the royal power.

Even a general of True Martial Realm had to be respectful to the prince of a child and obey his orders.

Under normal circumstances, the suppression of the demonic beast's bloodline would have no effect on cultivators.

However, the reason why Black Dragon made such a desperate strike was that he felt a strong Demonic Beast aura from Caspian.

Moreover, the aura of the demonic beast was very mixed.

In other words, he thought Caspian was a bastard.

So he thought of a possibility: the other
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