Chapter 1728 Sky-flipping Seal Above the Cloud Sea

This shadow was neither a dragon nor a phoenix. It had not completely solidified yet. A shocking Yin and Yang, destroying the sun and moon, and the huge power of falling stars came crushing down on him.

"This... this is..."

Black Dragon's bloodless lips kept trembling.

His body trembled wildly, and at this moment, his brain seemed to be squeezed into a blank.

An overbearing, arrogant, immortal, and invincible momentum spread out layer by layer from the shadow condensed behind Caspian.

Black Dragon's proud flood dragon bloodline seemed to have turned into a loach at this moment.

The bloodline that this illusory figure represented wasn't a divine beast, but it was even more arrogant than a divine beast.

At this time, Caspian also noticed the change in Black Dragon's expression.

He could clearly see that at this moment, Black Dragon was more fearful and frightened than before.

"It seems that he has never been so afraid of White Tiger and Qilin bloodlines." Caspian narrowed his ey
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