Chapter 1729 Taking the Big Seal

At this time, Caspian also felt a trace of pressure in the face of the Sky-flipping Seal.

However, it was just a trace.

On the surface of the Sky-flipping Seal, evil spirit and blood light could be seen flowing.

Obviously, the Killing Intent and the sanguine light came from Black Dragon.

However, Black Dragon was killed by Caspian, so the Sky-flipping Seal was out of control.

Based on its current situation, it was highly likely that it would fly out soon and disappear until it was discovered by other cultivators or Demonic Beasts.

Caspian would not let go of this magic treasure that could seal the void.

Therefore, at this time, he directly flew toward the Sky-flipping Seal, opened his hand, and grabbed at the Sky-flipping Seal.

In an instant, the Killing Intent and vigor that originally belonged to Black Dragon on the Sky-flipping Seal were erased by Caspian.

Good magic treasures naturally needed to be refined.

Therefore, Caspian raised his hand and was about to refine the Sk
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