Chapter 1730 It's You

Although the green spots disappeared and the poison was removed, Caspian could not be sure whether there were any demonic beasts lurking in the dark.

When he was refining the Sky-flipping Seal, Caspian had confirmed that it was very difficult to refine this magic treasure with Black Dragon's strength.

In other words, this magic treasure might have come from other demonic beast.

Now that he had killed Black Dragon and taken away the Sky-flipping Seal, Caspian did not believe that he would not provoke the demonic beasts related to Black Dragon.

In order not to expose his identity, Caspian still did not return to Heaven's Edge Sect at this time. Instead, he flew on the sea for about ten days.

In the past ten days, he had been paying attention to whether there were divine thoughts spying on him at all times.

He was worried that there would be a demonic beast that wanted to avenge Black Dragon. The demonic beast would hide in the void and wait for an opportunity to give Caspian a fata
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