Chapter 1731 Refining the Sword

"What, what did you do?"

Even Master Eva Green, who was at The third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm, could not help but exclaim when she saw Caspian.

Her reaction immediately made Jessica and Bowen Pullman exceptionally nervous.

"Is there a problem?" Jessica asked in a hurry.

Although she did not know how many realms Caspian had advanced to, she could clearly feel that Caspian's aura had become more vigorous than before.

At this time, Jessica was worried about whether there was something wrong with the promotion of Caspian, which led to Eva Green's reaction.

In contrast, after his initial shock, Bowen Pullman quickly looked thoughtfully at Caspian.

Obviously, at this time, he had used his innate sorcery to see the changes in Caspian, which was beneficial and harmless.

"Let him say it himself." Eva Green sized up Caspian, then touched her forehead with her hand and groaned, "How can there be such a monster like you in this world? No matter how talented a person is, he will be as
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