Chapter 1732 The Power of Death Word

It was as if she was singing in a low voice, but it was a ghostly whisper.

Anyone who heard these whispers would be so scared that their hair stood on end.

Furthermore, waves of coldness pierced through people’s skin and flesh, all the way to their bone marrow. It was as if even their souls were about to be sucked away and frozen.

"This... sword... Right now... during the realm... only... you... can... control it..."

After the Gates of Hell, there was a comment from that person.

Caspian’s Blood Soul was not only vigorous but also fierce.

Only in this way could he suppress the aura of death that brought by this sword.

Caspian's eyes focused, and he raised his hand to grab it.


This grab seemed to tear down the white light in front of him like a big curtain.

The light rapidly condensed in Caspian's palm.

The long sword, which was as wide as a palm, suddenly flew out and was held in Caspian's hand.


The first feeling of Caspian was extremely cold!

For a moment, Cas
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