Chapter 1733 Silver City

After several attempts, Caspian was sure that Death Word could indeed help him lower his realm.

But the premise was that he must hold Death Word in his hand.

If he kept it in his storage magic treasure, there was no way to do it.

There was no way to do it even if it was stuck in his waist or on his back. He could only hold it in his hand.

"It can be considered an additional ability. In some special circumstances, it can also be used."

Caspian pondered in his heart then took a step out of Tower of Life at the same time.

It took him three months to craft weapons.

However, for cultivators, three months was nothing, so there was no special change on Following the Heart Island.

Caspian looked around the island. After making a few more plans for the layout of the whole island, he decided to collect treasures in the Treasure Vault first.

Although there were all kinds of magic treasures in the treasury of Valdis Goth, there were still many good materials for setting up the array.

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