Chapter 1734 Leaving after the Battle

Silver City, from the city gate to the city walls, all of the buildings in the city were pure silver.

This place was in line with the atmosphere and scale that a big city should have.

Caspian didn't look at it carefully.

He had a clear goal this time, so after entering the city, he went straight to his destination.

In the southeast of Silver City, in the most prosperous area of this big city, Caspian stopped in front of a store called Lianyue Cloth Shop.

This store was in the busiest place of Silver City. It occupied a large area, but it was lacking in customers. It was in stark contrast with the surrounding shops.

In Silver City, everyone would shake their heads repeatedly when they mentioned the Lianyue Cloth Shop.

Because anyone with a good brain could see that the cloth shop must have suffered losses day by day.

However, in everyone's eyes, the fabric shop, which had suffered losses, had been opened here for dozens of years.

Caspian stood in front of the shop for a while a
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