Chapter 1735 Qilin Is Angry

Shadow-breaking Flowing Light Sword was a magic spell grasped by Shaw Charles among the four disciples of Valdis Goth.

The magic spell of Shaw Charles was taught by Valdis Goth.

Since Caspian had seen all the memories of Valdis Goth, he naturally mastered this magic spell, which was very useless now.

At this time, under the watchful eyes of the crowd, he displayed this very distinct magic spell, and at the same time, the two Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators looked flustered.

All of a sudden, the dispute between them made people's imagination run wild.

And this was also the effect that Caspian wanted to achieve.

After killing the two, Caspian slapped down from the sky.


The entire construction of the cloth shop collapsed, and the ground also caved in deeply.

After a series of loud bangs, a deep pit appeared on the ground.

At this time, before the mortals and cultivators who were watching in the distance could react, a colorful pearl light and precious Qi emerged from
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