Chapter 1736 Liu Fuqing's Whereabouts

There was a jade token in the storage pouch.

This jade token looked a little familiar.

“If I'm not wrong...”

Caspian picked it up and took a look.

Sure enough, it was jade identification badge of a sect disciple.

The jade token showed that the cultivator that had just been eaten by Handsome came from a disciple called Cangyang Gate.

Caspian frowned at this time, not because he was worried that killing a disciple of a sect would cause trouble.

No one dared to say anything when the other side attacked him and he killed the other party.

At this time, he was just wondering why the treasure of Valdis Goth had something to do with the sect.

At this time, Handsome had finished eating the cultivator and had an aftertaste. It narrowed its eyes and walked over with a satisfied look on its face.

With each step, Caspian could feel the ground shaking.

However, Handsome could be considered intentional. When it noticed the change in Caspian's expression, it smacked its lips and asked, "Wha
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