Chapter 1737 What a Great Plan

The whole thing was not as complicated as Caspian had imagined.

When the famous "individual cultivator" Liu Fuqing was sorting out the relics of the head of the family, he accidentally found a treasure house hidden by his ancestors.

However, because his strength was not enough, Liu Fuqing told the local well-known sect Cangyang Gate the information about the treasure house and took the initiative to take it with Cangyang Gate.

The treasures in the Treasure Vault were divided into ten parts.

Liu Fu had two parts, and Cangyang Gate had eight parts.

In addition, Liu Fuqing joined the Cangyang Gate and took the position of the Elder.

This was the beginning and end of the matter.

The elder's relic was Liu Fuqing's definition of this treasure house.

After learning the ins and outs, Caspian lowered his head and pondered.

It had to be said that Liu Fuqing was very smart in this matter.

The 18 Blood Generals under Valdis Goth were all at the first level of Holy Land Realm.

Liu Fuqing
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