Chapter 1738 Elder Yan Shuangying

Handsome tried its best to pretend to be soft and weak, hoping that these four Cangyang Gate disciples could muster up their courage and rush to the free and beautiful tomorrow.

Unfortunately, these four Cangyang Gate disciples were determined at the moment. They not only knelt on the ground, but also closed their eyes, closed their ears with Divine Sense, and turned a blind eye to Handsome's obviously tempting behavior, showing extremely deep hatred and pain.

Their firm appearance made Handsome want to take out its unique hunting skills back then: bite the tip of its tongue, shout "I'm dead!" and then fall to the ground.

If it was because the purpose was too obvious by doing this, and it was very likely that Caspian would laugh at it mercilessly, Handsome vowed that it would start its old business again.

"Caspian, you'd better come back soon." The irritated Handsome muttered in its heart and kept knocking on the ground with its little hooves.

At the same time, a man and a tiger s
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