Chapter 1739 Fire Envoy

In an instant, this disciple thought of what would happen to him.

Without Caspian's help, Cangyang Gate could tear him to pieces from top to bottom.

Moreover, it was one thing that he was dead, but the family he used to live in must suffer with him.

With this in mind, the disciple's hair stood on end.

"Go ahead. I'll wait for you for 24 hours. If your Sect Master doesn't come, I'll kill the people here first and then look for you," Caspian said.

At this time, there was no need for Caspian to say more.

The eyes of the Cangyang Gate disciples on the spot had already made it difficult for the disciple of Holy Land Realm to sit still, and he did not dare to delay at all.

After sending the Holy Land Realm cultivator away, Caspian sat cross-legged on the spot and meditated.

24 hours was the last chance he gave to Cangyang Gate.

Just as Caspian was waiting, a mysterious cultivator came to Silver City that Caspian had been to before.

The cultivator was wrapped in a wide cloak, walkin
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