Chapter 22 Surrendered

Nicole used her newly registered social media account to post this. Soon, many influencers began to share her post and turned the tide. Everyone began to watch the drama unfold.

Before this, not many knew about Nicole’s new social media handle, but because of this post, her following skyrocketed. Some people even started to dig up Keith Ludwig’s details.

Ferguson Corporation.

Keith ran into Eric Ferguson’s office in a huff. “Bro! That ex-wife of yours is trying to destroy me!”

Eric looked up from the document he was reading and swept him a faint glance.

Keith found the spiteful comments about him online and showed them to Eric. He angrily said, “She’s trying to shame me in public! This is just too much! Look, this is her true self! This b*tch is up to no good. Now, my wife is making a fuss and wants a divorce! You have to help me, bro…”

Eric frowned. His eyes darkened as he looked through the comments on Keith’s phone. After a long time, he said in a deep voice, “So, you intended
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Sta Cia
It has too many chapters. But it’s a good read.
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A lot of chapters
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chapters are way to short

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