Chapter 25 She’s Different

Although they were from different circles, the high society of Atlanta was small, so everyone would more or less cross paths with each other. Thus, Keith Ludwig and Ian Carter knew each other.

When Ian saw Keith, he naturally saw Eric Ferguson as well. Ian tipped his glass as a gesture. “What a coincidence, Mr. Ludwig.”

Keith saw that Nicole and Yvette were sitting with Ian, so he figured that they were here together. Keith turned and pulled Eric to sit at their table. “Let’s play a game together. You won’t mind, right, Mr. Carter?”

Ian did not answer and turned to look at Nicole. “My queen, do you mind?”

Nicole stood up insouciantly. “Help yourselves, I’m going downstairs to watch the band.”

Yvette immediately followed suit. “Let’s go! It’s so suffocating sharing the same space with such pests.”

Julie took three bottles of fine wine and said, “I’m coming too!”

Eric watched as Nicole disappeared down the stairs before he withdrew his gaze and glanced at Ian. “Mr. Carter, what’s
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Rosenne Servañez Salvador
interesting story...
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Keang Baleilagi
love the story but why so many chapters...hopefully it's complete.
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Martha Salazar
Have to wait a day to be able to read more but I am HOOKED !

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