Chapter 2001 Someone Will Come

Was it Clayton?

Angie shook her head.

Nicole was stunned. “Eric?”

Angie smiled and did not answer Nicole directly. She just looked at Nicole quietly.

“I really envy you. Why does he always like you? He still can’t forget you even if you’re married and have a kid.”

Nicole paused. She was speechless and felt like there was a lump of cotton in her throat.

“Are you mistaken? I have nothing to do with him. So, you captured me here because of him?”

Angie was silent for a moment.

“Not completely.”

Nicole was even more puzzled.

Without any hesitation, Angie immediately changed the subject.

“I heard that you gave birth to a daughter. Clayton should be very happy, huh?”

Nicole glanced at Angie.

She did not want to overthink this, but they were not familiar with each other, so why did Angie ask about Clayton specifically?

Angie smiled. “They’re both fathers, but my son’s father doesn’t like him.”

Nicole paused and looked up at her, only to realize that Angie was referring to Eric.

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