Chapter 2002 Choose One

Angie’s happy expression instantly disappeared.

Eric’s attitude was as cold and indifferent as ever, like he could not tolerate her.

Angie stood on the opposite side. She slowly pulled out a smile on her face.

“Eric, I rescued them. You can’t accuse me like that.”

Eric snorted coldly.

Quinn paused, then stood up.

“Eric, what Angie said is true. Your sister and I were almost killed by Falcon in Liberty. If it weren’t for Angie, I wouldn’t have been safe.”

Eric’s eyes were cold and harsh. “The people I sent to search for you didn’t find anything. If you are really safe, why didn’t you contact me?”

His eyes were filled with anger.

Quinn was speechless for a while.

Angie explained in a gentle voice. “That’s because it’s inconvenient. If she contacts you, my brother will definitely notice. How will she get to see you then?”

“Is it going smoothly now?”

Eric asked. Angie’s face was as dark as ink.

“Where’s my sister?”

Angie’s eyes flickered, and she lowered her eyes to look at Q
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