Chapter 2003 Her Last Words

Eric’s face gradually turned cold.

Everyone was waiting for Eric to make a choice.

In fact, they just wanted to see his expression when he made that choice.

That was because everyone knew who he would choose.

It was just that Eric, who was so invincible with no weaknesses, had to give up the woman he loved repeatedly. That kind of hurt made Angie feel happy.

Eric’s love was not worth mentioning at all.

He abandoned Nicole time and time again. Was this not a form of self-torture?

However, every time, he had to force himself to choose the correct answer.

Every second he hesitated, Angie’s face became gloomier.

“Do you still want to choose her? Since you’ve abandoned her before, why are you still hesitating this time? I’m much better than Caleb back then. He let her die, but I didn’t.”

“Is there a difference?”

Eric asked coldly.

“What’s the difference between you, Caleb, and Tyler?”

His eyes were so cold and gloomy that he could freeze others to death.

Angie pursed her lips.
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Comments (11)
goodnovel comment avatar
Zahra Dilley
this book started off great, now at over 2000 chapters, it's getting ridiculous ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicole is married with a husband and a child. He needs to move on. Nicole do not love him. He’s help Nicole countless times. Why would he chose her over his mother. That don’t make any sense
goodnovel comment avatar
Renee Higgins-Gilmore
I guess the author thinks everyone is rich with so many chapters. I quit it's ridiculous the same story over and over again.

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