Chapter 2006 Did She Hit You?

Clayton held the phone tighter and let out a low “mm”.

Grant could tell that something was wrong and immediately said, “Is Nicole next to you? Let me speak to her.”

Clayton paused for a second. A ruthless glint flashed in his eyes.

After a few seconds of silence, Clayton pursed his lips and said, “She can’t answer the phone at the moment. Big Brother, we’re now at the hospital.”

Clayton paused and took a deep breath.

He briefly told Grant about what happened.

Although Clayton wanted to hide it, he knew that he could not, unless he took Nicole far away to a place that the Stanton family could not touch.

Otherwise, this matter would be known sooner or later.

If Clayton deliberately hid this from the Stantons, all his efforts to get the Stanton family to accept him would be wasted.

Nicole loved her family, so Clayton could not do that.

In any case, this was his fault.

Grant’s voice was deep and cold as he said, “So, she almost died there?”

Clayton was silent.

Grant said, “I’l
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