Chapter 2011 Another Meaning

The doctors came by three times a day. Clayton’s face also looked better by the day, so Nicole felt that she was going to recover soon.

A week passed.

The slight tingling in her rib had disappeared.

Her intermittent coughing also stopped.

Clayton could carry Nicole to the wheelchair and push her around the hospital.

The two of them were glued together almost all day. They were inseparable.

When Nicole could finally push the wheelchair by herself, she occasionally heard loud screams in the hospital.

They were somewhat hysterical, especially at night.

However, it seemed like it was just her hallucination because the scream would disappear quickly.

When she listened for it again, she could not hear it, as if it was just an illusion.

Nicole was sitting on the balcony of the ward, admiring the moon, while Clayton was doing some work on his computer in the room. He looked flawless when he was serious. He looked unkempt with his collar opened slightly.

While she admired the moon, s
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goodnovel comment avatar
You have turned Nicole and Eric both into such chumps. She started out as a badass h but now she sucks. Makes it boring.

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