Chapter 2013 Wait For One More Minute

Clayton's tone was cold, and his eyes were gloomy.

“You still don’t want to admit it, huh? Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you admit it or not. I’ll still hold you accountable since Nicole was hurt in your hands.”

Angie covered her face and cried miserably. She was vulnerable and wretched.

“It wasn’t me! It really wasn’t me! Let me go!”

Clayton sneered coldly.

“Let you go? How can I give you such a bargain? Unless… You tell me why you wanted to push Nicole into the sea. Is it because of your feelings for Eric? Nah… If it was because of him, you wouldn’t have left Mediania so easily when Caleb was arrested back then. So, what’s the real reason?”

His voice was light, but a little playful.

It was as if he had already expected the answer and just wanted to play a game with her.

If she did not tell him the truth, she would be tortured here forever.

In two months, Angie would be dead.

“Eric already left, and he didn’t even ask about you. I can’t touch him, but I can certainly d
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