Chapter 2014 Spell Trouble for the Future

Clayton was not surprised, as if he had expected Angie’s response.

This was Angie’s last bargaining chip. She handed over her power for a chance of survival.

Angie looked at Clayton nervously, and the fingerprint marks on her neck were especially frightening.

At this point, Angie could not care less about anything.

Clayton laughed lightly and looked particularly glum in the dimly lit room.

He said in a relaxed and deep voice, “Fine. I’ll give you a chance. Deliver your brother to me to show your sincerity.”

Angie clenched her fists tightly and closed her eyes.

“My brother doesn’t stand a chance anymore. The forces at home and abroad are all eyeing him. He thinks he’s like a duck in water, but disaster is imminent.”

Clayton’s eyes flickered. He knew what she meant and withdrew his gaze.

Surprisingly, Angie had much better foresight than Tyler.


Tyler was not at a loss to die at the hands of his sister.

After a pause, Clayton turned to leave.

Angie heaved a sigh of rel
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Update ASAP
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Nicole should feel Clayton bad Orr! His vibe is off and you only can hide it so much. Natural human instincts should be kick in. I hate all them upset for Eric!
goodnovel comment avatar
The author really needs to improve on their writing! Nicole, the Stantons all need to lose too. They way they treated Eric! He gets blame for everything that happens. They never thought to understand why Clayton know so much about these criminals and his involvement with them.

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