Chapter 2015 My Brother-In-Law

Clayton laughed when he heard this and kissed Nicole on the lips.

“Did you think that Angie and Tyler have some kind of deep family bond?”

He sighed.

Not all siblings were like the Stantons.

Most people valued their interests more than family.

Nicole was doubtful. “After all, they’re siblings!”

They were in the same business and valued alliances the most, so how could they possibly kill each other?

Clayton smiled and explained, “Angie has never been a simple person. She was chosen by her father to inherit his position. Caleb and Tyler were not as good as her and were both abandoned by their father. Don’t be deceived by her lack of presence. She’s actually much smarter than Caleb and Tyler.”

He reached out and stroked Nicole’s hair.

Nicole did not continue to speak and was very confused.

She did not want to get involved in Angie’s affairs, but she almost died at Angie’s hands. Angie had too good of a deal if Clayton just let Angie go like that.

How nice would it be if Clayton
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What’s the purpose? This was a wasted short chapter . How is Eric son three years old already anyways

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