Chapter 2016 Ingrid Showed Up

Only Clayton would have no scruples against anyone trying to hurt Nicole.

That was because Nicole was Clayton’s bottom line.

Grant paused. “Send additional security personnel to protect the Stanton Mansion to avoid Tyler’s counterattack. No one is allowed to approach.”

“Yes, sir.”


Ferguson Corporation.

Eric was very annoyed when he received a call from Keith.

“Is something wrong?”

“Ferg, how long have you not come out for a drink? Come to the bar with us…”

Eric replied, “I’m busy.”

Keith said, “I heard that your mom came back without your sister. But I just learned that Ingrid is back in Mediania. Come over!”

Eric frowned and immediately hung up.

He got up and went outside.

Eric only took a few steps out the door when he suddenly heard some staggering footsteps behind him.

He was stunned and looked back.

A fair and cute child who did not even reach the height of Eric’s knees stood there, raised his head, and looked up at Eric. The kid stretched out his hand to tug on
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Stacy Butler
ok I'm lost!! the time line isn't making sense!! please don't abuse this little boy, he doesn't deserve it!!!! it's not his fault he was born nor his fault he cannot speak!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Dawn Preciado
Your readers should have some say, but everything we post goes unheard and ignored.
goodnovel comment avatar
Really? I feel this is just writing frivolous things things to make money. This love story is not a a love story, it’s all gangster now and stupid. When will it in? It’s obviously Clayton is unstoppable with all his crimes and evilness! Your going to protect him

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