Chapter 2017 His Biological Son

Ingrid raised her pale face and looked at Eric.

She subconsciously sucked in her stomach, trying to cover her bulging belly.

However, it was useless and too late for that. Eric had already noticed her belly at first glance.

It was even more noticeable since she was wearing tight pajamas.

Eric’s eyes seemed to be on fire. He gritted his teeth and said, “Ingrid, you’re so f*cking stupid!”

Ingrid shivered, clutched her belly, and suddenly burst into tears.

“Brother, I know my mistake…”

Eric’s eyes were cold as he pulled her arm and dragged her out.

“The Ferguson family will never allow you to give birth to a criminal’s child. Abort it now!”

Ingrid shuddered and suddenly started to resist.

“No, this is my child too…”

Eric’s face was stern as he held back his rage.

“Ingrid, do you know how much I’ve sacrificed because of you?!”

He glared at her, looking livid.

If it was not for Ingrid, Eric would not have to compromise with Tyler, nor would he have to join in on that plan. He
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