Chapter 2018 Thank You

Eric did not even want to delay this for another second.

Ingrid’s womb was like a ticking time bomb.

If Tyler was arrested and Ingrid gave birth to Tyler’s child, the Ferguson family would become an utter joke.

Eric was not selfless enough to raise another man’s child.

“Yes, sir.”

Mitchell responded and immediately got up.

He called the bodyguard who was watching Ingrid.

“Is Ms. Ferguson at home?”

“Yes, she hasn’t stepped out of the house.”

Mitchell breathed a sigh of relief.


Mitchell went straight to the hospital and waited there.

Ingrid went to the hospital obediently and did not cry or make a fuss along the way, as if she had thought it through.

After she was pushed into the operating room, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

The surgery would take about half an hour, so Mitchell asked the bodyguards to take a rest and waited there by himself.

When it was almost time, Mitchell asked Eric to come over.

However, Mitchell did not expect to hear a commotion comin
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Stacy Butler
PLEASE DONT ABUSE THIS LITTLE BOY!!!! it's sounds like Angie already did this and I know it happens but it's still not right!! just find him a good home!!
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This author is spinning the hell out of us!
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