Chapter 2020 Planned

Eric glanced at Ingrid.

Ingrid sat there and curled up into a ball.

Her face was pale, but she looked at Eric with criticism and hatred in her eyes.

At that moment, Eric understood everything.

He stared at Tyler with cold eyes, and his tone was intimidating.

“She’s nothing more than a person you can use, right? But you can’t control the Ferguson family.”

Tyler suddenly grinned viciously and harshly.

“Eric, what do you mean by that? My sister gave birth to your son. Why can’t your sister give birth to my son?”

Eric looked at him calmly. “She can’t. You can take that child back if you want to.”

Hearing that, Tyler was stunned.

His icy eyes probed Eric’s face. He chuckled lightly.

“You’re really cruel. You don’t even like your biological son. That child only saw Angie a few times and was sent to school and the orphanage. You know what schools in Southeast Asia are like. He was bullied and abused many times. When Angie found out that he was mute after his third birthday, she too
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Dawn Preciado
This story is so crazy. I have no idea what direction you are heading towards. Please allow Eric to have some peace with or without Nichole. Please also let his son be accepted he is innocent and deserved to be loved and cherished. Let his mother be taken down too I hate her.

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