Chapter 2021 Prepare for a Funeral

No one knew if that was sarcasm or a mere description of Ingrid.

After Eric finished speaking, he gave Ingrid a meaningful look.

Then he turned around to leave.

Ingrid did not want to let him go like that. She cried and took his arm.

“Give him back to me, Brother! I really like him. Why can’t you wish for a good life for me? You’ve always looked down on me since we were young. You bullied me because of an outsider, and now, you even want to hurt the person I like…”

Eric shook her off irritably, grabbed her collar, lifted her up, and looked at her fiercely.

“The person you like? Are you playing dumb, or are you just cheap? They cut up Dad, killed Grandpa, and captured you and Mom to threaten me, yet you’re still in love with the enemy?!”

Eric gritted his teeth. His face was cold and stern.

“I’ll tell you the truth. If Mom wasn’t in their hands, did you really think that I’ll care for your life?”

Eric suddenly threw Ingrid on the ground like she was a piece of garbage.

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