Chapter 2023 Personal Space

The floor carpet was very thick, and all sharp edges were covered with a soft protective layer, so there was no need to worry that Chatty would fall and hurt herself.

Chatty was also very tenacious.

She followed Daddy and Mommy without crying or making a fuss, and climbed down the stairs steadily, step by step.

Floyd glared at the couple before him, then ran over to carry Chatty.

“Our little Chatty is so amazing! She can climb stairs at such a young age. What a genius!”

Clayton paused and thought that it sounded familiar.

Julie ran inside and hugged Nicole happily.

“You’re finally back! You went on vacation so suddenly that I wasn’t even aware!”

It was indeed sudden.

Nicole smiled, but she could not explain certain things.

“Well, I wanted to give you and Third Brother some personal space.”

Kai sat on the sofa in the living room and looked up nonchalantly.

“I think you wanted some personal space and used us as an excuse! I feel exploited!”

Julie clicked her tongue, and Kai
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The wealthy think to get rid of their children for boarding school! If the can afford a nanny/governess the child would still be at home and can sleep in their own bed and see their parents!
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goodnovel comment avatar
selfish parents. wonder if the author understand kids psychology.

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