Chapter 2025 He Recognized Her

Chatty did not cry. She struggled to get up from the ground and wanted to drag the beautiful little boy up.

However, the little boy’s hands were wounded. Even so, the boy remained silent.

When Levi ran over, he patted the dirt from Chatty’s skirt before he looked at the boy opposite them.

“I’m sorry, my little sister didn’t bump into you on purpose. She’s young and doesn’t know anything. Are you okay?”

Levi helped the little boy across from him.

The little boy looked very beautiful like he had a mixed heritage. He was fair, gentle, and very introverted.

He looked at Levi and then at Chatty, then pursed his lips.

That soft little girl looked so beautiful and delicate, like a cute little princess.

The boy could not help but take a few more glances at Chatty.

He nodded his head.

Then, he casually rubbed his wounded hand on his body and turned to leave.

Levi took the boy’s hand.

“You’re injured. Shall I ask my daddy to help you?”

The little boy shook his head and withdrew his
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Renee Higgins-Gilmore
clayton really loves Nichole and Eric has let her down so many tes
goodnovel comment avatar
Charlotte Davis
I’m sorry I just can’t stand Clayton!! Team Eric!
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Dawn Preciado
I feel so sorry for Chance, not sure I can keep reading if he continues such a sad life l.

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