Chapter 2026 His Son

Grant and Aida were not worried and sat there without moving.

Levi walked over obediently and told them about his new friend.

“Mommy, he’s a big brother and our new friend. He didn’t get angry even when Chatty bumped into him…”

Grant listened casually while watching Clayton hold his daughter.

Just when they were about to leave prematurely, the principal interjected.

“Oh, that student always likes to be alone. He can’t speak, and he’s Mr. Eric Ferguson’s son.”

Grant’s eyes narrowed slightly. His face instantly turned cold.

Aida frowned.

“Eric’s son? Why is he here?”

Did Eric dump his newly recognized son at boarding school?

The principal smiled.

“Yes, that child is introverted, obedient, and quite smart. It’s just that Mr. Ferguson never showed up. All formalities were done by someone else. They followed the school’s regulations and allowed the boy to go home once a week.”

Nicole stood there and turned her head slightly.

She frowned.

The little boy who had been staring at
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Renee Higgins-Gilmore
Clayton acts like he really does love Nicole....or does he???
goodnovel comment avatar
Zylphia Rentz
Why did Clayton take Nicole out knowing the situation he was dealing with? He is supposed to be so smart but why did he leave Nicole alone and open to the abduction?
goodnovel comment avatar
Zylphia Rentz
I don't know if it is intentional but if I was Nicole I would question Clayton's motive for trying to keep Chatty away from Nicole.

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