Chapter 2060 Strange and Normal

Clayton forced a smile in response to Nicole’s question.

“It’s hard to say!”

It was meaningful.

At the hospital, the other floors besides the affected areas were open as usual.

After all, the hospital was not an ordinary public area. Even if someone died, they could not delay other life-saving operations.

Nicole walked in with a heavy heart.

She felt pity for Tina.

Although Tina brought it upon herself, Nicole still felt that Tina was a pitiful woman.

Nicole could not blame a pitiful, hopeless woman for being useless.

The closer she got to the floor, the weirder she felt.

Clayton contacted the hospital’s director in advance. The dean had just come from the police station with a heavy heart as well.

“Mr. Sloan, Ms. Stanton, what are you doing here? I believe in Ms. Stanton’s innocence. Have you made it clear to the police?”

Nicole smiled and nodded.

“Director, do you have the surveillance footage for this floor?”

The director replied, “The police took one copy, and I have
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