Chapter 2061 You Have to Be Sensible

The director was stunned for a moment and had some doubts.

Clayton explained. “This spells trouble for the hospital. If word gets out that a patient jumped off the hospital building, what will happen to the hospital’s credibility?”

He did not continue the rest, but the director understood in an instant.

If Eric came forward, this matter would be resolved faster.

He just had some doubts. With Clayton’s and Nicole’s background and influence, it would not be difficult to cover up this matter.

Why did they want to involve Eric into this?

The director could not figure it out, so he stopped thinking about it.

Since Clayton pointed him in a direction, the director had no choice but to do as told.

Clayton and Nicole stood up.

Nicole pursed her lips. “What did the police conclude on their investigation at the crime scene? Were there any signs of struggle?”

The director paused and nodded.

Nicole’s heart sank slightly. She understood in an instant.

It was no wonder the police dared to
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