Chapter 2063 Be Together Forever

The corner of Yasmin’s mouth twitched as she leaned forward slightly.

Her eyes suddenly became gentle as she reached out to touch Chance’s fair and tender little face.

However, she did not have much emotion.

“Chance, Mommy is doing this for your own good. Didn’t you always want our little family of three to be together forever? As long as you help Mommy and Daddy stay together, we can be reunited.”

Chance lay stiffly on the bed and tried his best to close his eyes, pretending to be asleep.

He pretended not to hear Yasmin’s horrifying words.

Yasmin did not get mad either.

She gently touched Chance’s small fist.

In the next second, Chance shuddered out of panic, and the thing in his hand fell out.

Yasmin’s eyes flickered slightly. She picked up the earring, and her eyes gradually turned cold.

If she remembered correctly, Nicole had the same earring on one of her ears just now.

Her eyes gradually darkened as she looked at Chance’s face.

Chance opened his eyes, looking very ner
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omg....Yasmin is really Angie!

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