Chapter 2064 Who Are You?

In fact, Cheryl and Ingrid met at Old Master Ferguson’s funeral.

Cheryl followed Gerard to the Ferguson Villa.

Since Quinn could not make it back to Atlanta, the matron of the house was not there to welcome them. Thus, the servants settled them down at the side hall.

However, Cheryl could not sit still.

Cheryl saw Ingrid dressed in black clothes, sneakily following Mitchell to the back building.

She was astonished.

After Mitchell left, Ingrid went upstairs and locked the room.

Cheryl only realized what happened when Ingrid lit the curtains, sofa, and other flammable items on fire.

She came to a realization that Ingrid wanted to trap Eric’s son in a fire.

Cheryl saw hatred, pleasure, indifference, and forbearance in Ingrid’s eyes.

She did not understand why Ingrid would hate a child so much.

The fire burned for a long time before it reached the second floor.

Suddenly, there was an urgent rapping coming from the second floor. Chance was calling for help.

Ingrid laughed happi
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goodnovel comment avatar
What’s with no audio!!!!
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Sharon Norton
Did angie send Yasmin over is that Yasmin’s son and not angies the plot thickens another 2 woman fighting for Eric’s love lol
goodnovel comment avatar
When will things for that poor boy get better. Not liking this much right now. Even the other little boy Michael is stuffed away.

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