Chapter 2065 Openly Imitate Her

Cheryl hesitated to speak. When Ingrid turned around, she saw Cheryl.

In an instant, Cheryl and Ingrid regained their composure.

Ingrid smiled at Cheryl and tucked her hair behind her ear.

“I was waiting for you. You finally came out.”

Cheryl walked over and asked unintentionally, “Sorry, did I come at a bad time? I didn’t mean to pry into your personal affairs.”

Ingrid raised her eyebrows. “You’ll be part of our family sooner or later, so don’t worry about it.”

Cheryl smiled and seemed to be a little depressed.

“Your brother seems to have no interest in me. I guess I’m not his type, huh? I think his attitude toward the nanny is much better than it is to me.”

Ingrid looked up, smiled, and took her arm.

“Cheryl, don’t think too much. Everyone has their own style. How could Eric like a nanny? He just did that to provoke me. You won’t be implicated in our conflict. If you’re not his type, then you can just change your style to fit his type.”

Cheryl looked at her in surprise.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Is Yasmin actually Angela? Did she have plastic surgery?
goodnovel comment avatar
nwanyibuihe Jessica
Don't like the end of this book.
goodnovel comment avatar
Dawn Preciado
Stop being abusive to Chance!! I will stop reading your book!!!

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