Chapter 2101 Avenge Her

The sky was darkening.

No one knew when the feud between Eric and Clayton started.

Occasionally when they met each other outside, Clayton would take the initiative to say hello to Eric.

However, Clayton’s attitude was nonchalant. Every word that Clayton said could easily rile up Eric, but that made Clayton very happy.

Eric always coveted Nicole but was unwilling to do anything about it.

The real progression of the relationship between them was on the day that Chance found out that Angie was dead.

Several months had passed.

Angie died on her way back to Southeast Asia.

The cause of her death was related to the two teenage girls who were also among the stowaways at the border.

However, because of the limited space in the car, Angie gritted her teeth and stabbed the two girls with a knife, throwing them out before they were about to be discovered.

Due to this incident, everyone targeted Angie.

It was not because Angie was cruel.

It was more so because the people there were mor
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Chance keeps get abused emotionally and Nicole and Clayton and the Stantons keep living their best lives and Eric and Chance get treated as if their the scums of the earth! You are one shallow individual author!
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Come author! You really trying to get more and more money for the damn reason! End the story! How do the maid no so much that she told Ingrid ignorant ass! You wrote the story! You hate Eric that much!
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Dawn Preciado
Author what is wrong with you I’m done I have mentioned before stop abusing Chance but you must be sick because you keep doing it . You disgust me take your book and put it where the dose not shine.

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