Chapter 2102 She’s Dead

Soon, the elevator arrived at Eric’s office floor.

Chance left the elevator and happened to see Mitchell coming toward him.

Mitchell frowned slightly and was surprised to see Chance here.

“Young Master, why did you come here?”

Chance did not know what to say and did not want to explain himself.

He just kept walking in.

Mitchell frowned and stopped him.

“Young Master, are you here to look for your father? He’s not in the office right now. If you want to look for him, you’ll have to wait because he’s in a meeting in the conference room.”

Chance raised his eyes to glance at Mitchell. After a moment of silence, he changed his direction and went straight to the conference room.

Mitchell looked at Chance’s back and felt that something was wrong.

Mitchell wanted to catch up to Chance, but he suddenly remembered something and took out his phone.

“Teacher, how did Chance come out of school on his own? What aunt? Chance’s aunt?”

Mitchell hung up the phone. His expression changed dram
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goodnovel comment avatar
Tricia Kyle
You suck! I’m done with you I will go to the library and get a book and I’ll know how it ends!! I’m done with this!!
goodnovel comment avatar
A. Thompkins
Well I’m glad he used his voice. This school is the most incompetent ever, how do they let a 5 year old leave without even calling to confirm.
goodnovel comment avatar
Charlotte Davis
This writing is getting worse and worse

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